Encouragement at the Crossroads

Encouragement at the Crossroads from Crossroads on Vimeo.

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  1. GREAT! To be able to see and hear men who took time to study themselves out of the Seventh Day Adventist Cult which is really… a cult due to Ellen G. White’s Bible changes which we found when studying our findings which was the result of our investigative findings. Wow! when we researched Ellen G. White and William Miller and Ellen G. White Estate we found that these folks continues to cover up Ellen G. White’s deception, lies, self glorification wild heaven stories that are fiction as best. So many false prophecies by William Miller and Ellen G. White it is hard to imagine. So many invented stories were discounted by the truths of the Bible during our research and stories such as her having visions when she really had elliptic seizers that she outgrew in accordance with all the Doctors diagnose. Even though Ellen G. White said that we were not to even question her writings. In my due-diligence I and others helping my research questioned everything about Ellen G. White so we could get to the truth. We all know that the truth will set you free. My whole reason for researching and leading a due-diligence that continued for 4 years and actually is continuing as I write this explanation of why I an involved in researching the SDA Church doctrine, William Miller and Ellen G. White. The Ellen G. White Estates group continues to say that those that are writing all the negative Adventist books have some sort of AX to grind
    including the SDA that I know personally, but when they found that I was researching their doctrine, William Miller and Ellen G. White they agreed that I didn’t have a AX to grind so my investigative research would be open and honest. I would ask such questions as “Who are we worshiping Jesus Christ or Ellen G. White?” This group of people (The SDA’s) just will not take time to research their own doctrine and fundamental beliefs and this is why they keep getting new recruits because of their Ellen G. White brainwashing which has been going on for decades. Its always if someone says anything concerning their doctrine or about Ellen G. White they are demonized or don’t know what they are talking about because “The SDA Church was raised up to be the final Church and is the Remnant Church of the end times which allow they to proselytize any and everybody that they can get to their services, Daniel and Revelation Bible Studies. They have these Daniel and Revelation studies which give newbies and/or those that are members in other denominations an appearance of knowing all about the end time in the Bible. Ellen G. White’s so-called books that she said that she authored we researched and proved that she was a plagiarizer coupled with lying about doing it.
    These guys are true Christians because they said NO! to the lies of the SDA doctrine and the inventive to be able to support the real and true Bible. When they preached lies and stories concerning Ellen G. White I’m sure that once they discovered the truth concerning William Miller and Ellen G. White they thought to themselves: “Wait a minute… I am teaching the Gospel Plus Ellen G. White which had to make us all study harder to make sure that we didn’t violate the scripture Revelation Chapter 22 Verses 18 and 19. In my research I discovered that this little old lady was nothing more elegant that a false prophetess with a fetish to be self glorified by writings and plagiarizing books and changing the meaning of the plagiarized books and changing the meaning of many Bible scriptures thusly many of us believe that Ellen G. White crossed the line in her inventive so-called writings by adding to and taking away the truth of Revelation. All these things Ellen G. White has done in her lifetime including changing the word by her writings or own words spoken when she spoke may have been enough for God to remove her name from the book of Life and have Ellen G. White suffer all the plagues of the Bible. To me as I research this woman was somewhat surprising because of the mass information that was discovered concerning this false prophetess Ellen G. White.
    What the Bible and True Gospel really says when not tainted and slanted by Ellen G. White’s input is the God inspired written unadulterated truth. YES! It is great to take the Bible’s truths without the intervention of Ellen G. White self glorification fiction that she just made up at will and use it to construct the gospel plus Ellen G. White.
    Guys, when I say your video concerning how all of you studied your selves I got all chocked up because I like you guys I believe have been called to help the SDA Pastors to learn the truth and to find employments so they can make a move toward only teaching the Gospel rather than continue teaching the Gospel plus the false prophetess Ellen G. White.


  2. Thank God for those that are taking their time to research the SDA doctrine and Ellen G. White so that when they do see God they can truly say I am saved by the blood of Jesus and I can tell other that I am not afraid to tell anyone that I believe the truth of the Bible and that I believe the true Gospel with out a false prophetess’ input that override the truth of the Bible.

    Great job you wonderful preachers that can now say that you ARE SAVED! in accordance with the real and true Word of God!


  3. I just praise the Lord that the Holy Spirit is leading in the lives of these pastors. The Holy Spirit has been leading me to a better understanding of the New Covenant and the truth of Jesus. I am very grateful to Pastors Dale and Greg for their books and Pastor Mark for his sermons. Even though I am still attending an Adventist church, I feel free in Christ for the first time in my life. I am overjoyed by what I am learning each day from the Bible and am so grateful to let go of the guilt, condemnation and fear that has been cultivated in this faith, especially through the writings of EGW. God is so good and I pray he will lead MANY pastors and members to the truth in Jesus, as opposed to the “truth” of Adventism.


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