Jamaican Adventist Evangelist Renounces Adventism


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  1. I found this very insightful and very powerful. And It totally and completely makes sense to me. And I am so glad that I am no longer part of the SDA Church. Even if I had a remote thought of returning to them (SDA), this program finally put to rest the ideation of never returning to the SDA church. To see them the way they truly are– a cult. pretending to be Christian. for which they are not. Thank you Elce “Thunder” Lauriston for the theological insight.


  2. Thank you for re-sending this video. It has come through and I have watched it. Praise God for this young man!! Today, I heard EGW preached in the lesson and the preacher (the ex-prescher of the church, now retired) almost recited the last chapter of the GC by White for the whole sermon. (I know these words very well). I am sick to the stomach. I came home and prayed for God to show me what to do. I want to worship Him and I am trying to be patient for him to show me where I will go.

    I have to be careful with whom I share this because others get upset, some will not believe; others get upset because their lives have been ruined. (or they are afraid they will be ruined.)

    Many thanks



  3. I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands and saw the discussion with him and Ian, what a testimony of faith on his part, he was fair and very balance, was not afraid to say how they help him so much, then he must be true to his self, and his God, a man of integrity, and honesty, he was able to look, in the future and not just the present, or what he can gain from a financially, but his desire to please the true God and his Son, money cannot buy that, and you have proved it. May the God of mercy be with you and your family.


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